USED Hose Monster 4-inch gauge


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We've upgraded to digital gauges, and no longer need the three analog Hose Monster gauges we carry today.

All three are like new, though could use a fill-up of standard-issue glycerin, and have current calibration certificates from Hose Monster (annual certificates issued fall of last year), and will be provided in paper and/or electronically (which can also be downloaded from our blog). The gauge will be an open 1/4-inch threaded NPT connector (the quick connect pictured in the product photo is not included, nor is it available). All are the 0-100 PSI pressure range.

Stock photo from Hose Monster. Actual photos upon request, and will be posted once the gauges are pulled from service. Hose Monster's product details can be found here.

We will ship (actual costs only); just drop us a note for a shipping quote, to or via the Contact Us function here. Thank you!

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